Surf Camps


The #1 Rated Summer Surf Camp in Charleston!

Surf Camp Folly Beach is where Carolina Salt are widely known for catering to the individual, not the masses. We firmly believe in getting to know each surfer on a personal level. With this hands on individualized approach our campers feel more comfortable on the water, surf much better, and progress much faster than at other camps. At Carolina Salt we focus on building ones confidence wether its for charging into big waves or taking on that end of year exam and acing it! Our goal is to help transform these kids into great people and if they fall in love with surfing along the way, it’s a win win!

Our Summer Surf Camp in Folly Beach is the perfect situation for any kid whether they are a complete beginner that is new to the sport or an advanced surfer looking to improve their skills. We break our campers out into three different groups based on their skill level, but don’t worry if your friend/sibling is in a different group we are all out there together. It's quite common for campers to move up to the next level in as little as a day.

Whether you’re a local, just visiting the Charleston area, or just need a break from the kids this Summer Surf Camp will allow you to have a wonderful, exciting, and safe outdoor activity that will definitely be the highlight of your summer.

Beginner Surfers

These are the kids who never have been on a surfboard. We provide a Safe, Fun, and Judgement Free Learning Environment. We cover in great detail safety, surf etiquette, weather patterns, and overall ocean awareness. We focus on getting our beginner campers to fall in love with surfing!

Intermediate Surfers

These are the kids who have had general exposure to surfing. We focus more on their specific skills and what they need to improve on to become more consistent on the board and more self-sufficient in the ocean!

Advanced Surfers

These are the kids who beg Mom and Dad for a ride to the beach every morning so they can paddle out! This is the best stage to be in if you want to take your surfing to the next level. We focus on turns, advanced maneuvers, competing(if desired), and overall surfing progression.


Summer Surf Programs are for ages 5-17 years old and are held Monday-Friday (5 days per week). Total week per student: $395 per week

Class Size: Up to 10 Students

Location: 1673 E. Ashley Ave on Folly Beach

Time: 9am – 12pm

Why Small Groups for Surf Camps?
Our smaller groups provide a safe and comfortable environment that promotes communication, skill building, confidence, and eases the natural anxiety of large groups.

Weather Policies for Surf Camps
In the event of bad weather or other dangerous conditions we will partake in other surf related activities to ensure safety. As opposed to the camps that either cancel the entire day or take children out into dangerous conditions. If we have to cancel a day of camp(very rare) we can offer credits towards surf lessons.

There is a paid parking lot available for use. Alternatively, you can park on the street as long as both your tires are off the pavement completely, and you don't block a driveway.




Personal Resume of Owner/ Head Instructor Kyle Busey

2000 National Champion
2000 South Carolina Surfer of the Year
9 time State Champion
2013 Regional Champion
2014 East Coast Champion
Professional Surfer 2004-present 

Lead stunt consultant for the hit Netflix show the Outer Banks


  • Advanced ocean safety provided and taught to each student
  • Campers are broken out into specific groups based on skill level
  • Water provided

We teach all levels: from beginner to advanced

  • All students are treated individually by skill level to ensure maximum learning as well as eliminating the possibility of feeling overwhelmed. We also offer this as a means to promote individuality and remove the feeling of competition between students. All instructors are extremely personable, positive, and motivating to ensure our students never feel discouraged.
  • Instructor to student ratio is always at least 2/5 compared to camps that tend to be 1/10
  • Free photos everyday of program

Carolina Salt will be the ONLY surf program offering a protection against sharks.

We will be the first to admit that sharks are a non-issue but we like to take any and all precautionary measures to ensure parents’ piece of mind that their child is 100% safe. “Sharkbanz” are worn by our instructors to ensure safety from sharks. To see how Sharkbanz revolutionary technology works check out

Safety First

Below are a few of our credentials to ensure your child has the safest high quality experience offered in town:

  • Instructors are CPR, First Aid, and Lifeguard certified
  • Our surf program never exceed 10 students to ensure safety (Other Surf Schools Camps range from 20-40 students)
  • Instructor/student ratio is a minimum of 2/5 compared to the common 1/10
  • ONLY surf program that operates outside of the 9 block radius of Folly Beach Pier where the water population of swimmers and surfers can create a dangerous and hostile learning environment
  • Every instructor wears a “shark band” to ensure prevention against any marine life (because we know that it’s on every parent’s mind)
  • 15 yrs of experience working with children and adults in the ocean
  • 10 yrs of experience working with children with disabilities (autism, down syndrome, cystic fibrosis, severe anxiety etc…)
  • #1 Rated surf lessons in Charleston
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your child’s week is FREE!