Busey, Tanner take top honors at South Carolina Governor’s Cup of Surfing on Folly Beach

surfing in charleston sc kyle busey state champion

Kyle Busey makes the news for surfing in Charleston SC

By David Caraviello Special to The Post and Courier

Kyle Busey and Kristin Tanner earned top honors by winning their respective open categories at the South Carolina Governor’s Cup of Surfing, which concluded Sunday at the Washout on Folly Beach.

Kyle Busey's 4th State Championship in Surfing Charleston SC

It was the fourth state championship for Busey, a Charleston native who threw in a few aerial maneuvers to claim a finals field comprised of some of the state’s most decorated surfers. It was the second title for Tanner, also a Charleston native, who used two days of solid surfing to better her third-place result last year.

Waves on Saturday’s opening day were 4 feet and higher, making for ideal conditions. Swells dropped to 2 to 3 feet Sunday. “It was a little smaller (Sunday), but we still had clean conditions,” said Marshall DePass, director of the ESA’s Southern South Carolina District, which covers the Lowcountry. “And the surfing was still off the charts.”

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2018 Governor’s Cup of Surfing

The Washout, Folly Beach

RESULTS (All finalists listed)

Menehune U14 Longboard: 1. Mako Musilunas; 2. Jackson Bloess; 3. Siddiq Nawabi; 4. Anthony Jackson; 5. Cole Dilling; 6. Porter Balderson

Jr. Women U18 Longboard: 1. Bree Labiak; 2. Kayella Youngblood; 3. Bailey Kaiser; 4. Cailyn Hager; 5. Hampden Thomas; 6. Chloe Simons

Jr. Men U18 Longboard: 1. Jasper Millis; 2. Jack Spahr; 3. Avery Fun; 4. Griffin Jackson; 5. Ronan Lurkin

Women’s Longboard: 1. Olivia Dilling; 2. Kristin Tanner

Men’s Longboard: 1. Cory Jackson; 2. Hartley DePass

Masters Longboard: 1. Todd Youngblood; 2. Jimmy Kaiser; 3. Phil Jackson; 4. Mik Musilunas

Legends Longboard: 1. Kai Dilling; 2. Paul Martin; 3. Lucky Moyer; 4. Marshall DePass; 5. Andy Avant; 6. Bryan Spahr; 7. Charlie Stonecypher

Grand Legends Longboard: 1. Wilton Jordan; 2. Norman Godley; 3. Thornton White

Boys U12 Shortboard: 1. Palladin Pelliccia; 2. Mako Musilunas; 3. Cole Dilling; 4. Jasper Fun

5. Charlie Abraham; 6. Drew Balderson

Girls U12 Shortboard: 1. Libby-Kate Hammel

Girls U14 Shortboard: 1. Krista-Grace Hammel; 2. Ella Bethard

Boys U14 Shortboard: 1. Palladin Pelliccia; 2. Mako Musilunas; 3. Jackson Bloess; 4. Porter Balderson

5. Jasper Fun; 6. Peyton Shaw

GirlsU16 Shortboard: 1. Krista-Grace Hammel; 2. Bree Labiak; 3. Ashton Loring; 4. Chloe Simons

Boys U16 Shortboard: 1. Ben Allen; 2. Jackson Bloess; 3. Cam Davis; 4. Griffin Jackson; 5. Wyatt Deaton; 6. Brycen DePass

Jr. Women U18 Shortboard: 1. Hampden Thomas; 2. Bree Labiak; 3. Natalie Scarpa; 4. Kelsey Hansen; 5. Ashton Loring; 6. Cailyn Hager

Jr. Men U18 Shortboard: 1. Jasper Millis; 2. Harrison Billhorn; 3. Jack Spahr; 4. Ben Allen; 5. Brycen DePass; 6. Jake Stradling

Women’s Shortboard: 1. Vivian Jordan

Ladies Shortboard: 1. Kristin Tanner; 2. Olivia Dilling; 3. Rhi Scarpa

Men’s Shortboard : 1. Cory Jackson; 2. Bryant Thomas; 3. Hartley DePass; 4. Ellison Thomas; 5. William Wert; 6. Kimble Youngblood; 7. Benjamin DuPree

Masters Shortboard: 1. Chris Costa; 2. Kyle Busey; 3. Caleb Costa; 4. Phil Jackson

Sr. Men Shortboard: 1. Todd Youngblood; 2. Jimmy Kaiser; 3. Randy Lackey; 4. Jeff Wasselchalk; 5. Mik Musilunas

Legends Shortboard: 1. Kai Dilling; 2. Paul Martin; 3. Charlie Stonecypher; 4. Marshall DePass

5. Bryan Spahr; 6. Andy Avant; 7. Lucky Moyer

Grand Legends Shortboard: 1. Wilton Jordan; 2. Thornton White; 3. Norman Godley; 4. Milton Costa

Open Bodyboard: 1. Charlie Stonecypher; 2. Mako Musilunas; 3. Kimble Youngblood; 4. Jose Hill; 5. Griffin Jackson; 6. Brycen DePass

SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard): 1. Hartley DePass; 2. Morgan Hurley; 3. Bryan Spahr

Wahine Open: 1. Kristin Tanner; 2. Kayella Youngblood; 3. Chloe Simons; 4. Natalie Scarpa; 5. Hampden Thomas; 6. Krista-Grace Hammel

Men’s Open: 1. Kyle Busey; 2. Chris Costa; 3. Anthony Osment; 4. Todd Youngblood; 5. Hartley DePass; 6. Kai Dilling

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