5 Reasons to Learn How to Surf With Kyle Busey and Carolina Salt Surf Lessons at Folly Beach!

Surf lessons folly beach

Surf Lessons at Folly Beach, SC? Why not?

Surfing isn’t one of those activities where you just hop on board and instantly you’re a pro. Surfing can be hard work. But if you want to make it less work and more play, then taking lessons is recommended. Not all lessons are the same, though. Finding the right instructor is key to having a great experience and getting out there on the crashing waves. To have the most fun while still learning a whole lot, taking lessons from surfing great Kyle Busey and Carolina Salt Surf is a must! They provide the best surf lessons Folly Beach has to offer!

  1. Pro Surfer with Many Awards

The old saying “those who can do, and those who can’t, teach” does not apply to Kyle Busey. Busey is an award-winning pro surfer. He has been in the most treacherous situations and made it out on top, as well as chalked up thousands of hours practicing. Who better to learn from than the top of their class? Kyle Busey is definitely at the head of the class in the surfing world! Why settle for some mediocre surf teacher when you can learn from the best?

  1. Number-one city in the world – Conde Nast Traveler

Conde Nast Traveler is a lifestyle and luxury magazine that highlights the greatest experiences around the world. And you guessed it – Carolina Salt Surf Lessons are on its list of greats. Folly Beach might be a small community, but it is now world-famous – thanks to the featured article about how amazing the surfing is! You don’t have to travel to the ends of the earth to find the best and most luxurious getaway. Surfing at Folly Beach beats out the competition!

  1. First Time Every Time

One of the most frustrating things about surfing is learning. Who wants to take lesson after lesson when you have a very limited amount time to actually hit the waves? The Carolina Salt Surf team will have you up surfing the first time and every time. Since we have a proven method for people of all ages and skill levels, you will be out there riding the waves – not in one month or one week – in one day! All it takes is one lesson to be up and running!

  1. Free Pics

Worried that your friends and family will never believe that you rode the waves like a pro? Well, have proof of it with the free pics that are supplied with every lesson. Do you know why we offer pics? Because we know that our lessons will have you surfing like a pro! What’s the fun of doing something cool if no one will ever see? You can take home the memories of surfing the seas with a commemorative action shot of your epic surfing day!

  1. Top Rated in Charleston

Although there are several Folly Beach surf lesson companies, there is only one that is top-rated! Why are we rated so highly? Because those who have taken our lessons love to rave about how much fun they had and how great our instructors are! If we didn’t have a great team and successful clientele, there is no way that we would rank number one of all the other options out there! Surfing is an incredibly fun and exciting activity. But it does not come without some serious instruction! Kyle Busey and his crew at Carolina Salt Surf will have you up and riding in no time.

A pro with a proven record, top ratings on Travel Advisor, and being the number-one city on Conde Nast are all things that make Folly Beach surf lesson great Kyle Busey the one to call!

Contact us to reserve your surfboard and book Folly Beach Surf Lessons today!

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