Guide to the Best Surfing Folly Beach SC has to offer

Tips & Tricks to the Best Surfing Folly Beach SC

Folly Beach has long been the most coveted surfing location in all of South Carolina. From the Washout to the Folly Beach Pier, epic surfing can be had. Although South Carolina isn't known for huge waves, you can still get some of the Best Surfing Folly Beach SC has to offer if you know the area.

Surfing for Beginners in Charleston

If you are new to surfing, or you’re visiting the Charleston area and bringing your surfboard, we've got the guide for you to get a fast start surfing Folly Beach, SC. For the less experienced surfers, Carolina Salt Surf Lessons (Charleston's #1 Surf Lesson Provider) will help you hit the waves with confidence. If you are comfortable, the following will give you the tips you need to make the most of surfing in Charleston!

Check Folly Beach Surfing Cameras & Read Surf Reports

SurfChex has two surfing cameras, one on the south side of the pier and one on the north side.

Surfline Folly Beach Surfing Report & Camera

Folly Beach has long been the most coveted surfing location in all of South Carolina. From the Washout to the Folly Beach Pier, epic surfing can be had. Although South Carolina isn’t known for huge waves, you can still get some of the Best Surfing Folly Beach SC has to offer if you know the area.

Surfline has cameras covering a large portion of The Washout. Camera feeds are available on Surfline’s mobile app (Android/IOS) for smartphones. Here is the link to the live feed of the Washout.

Surfboard Options

To get the best surfing Folly Beach SC offers, you need to know that Folly can be very choppy. It can also be great if you catch the right conditions.

If you're looking for surfboards for sale, whether you're a beginner surfer from Charleston or your a transplant and do not have one, consider buying a longboard. You will have more success surfing Folly Beach with a longboard and have a lot more waves to surf.

Shortboards can be handy too on Folly Beach when the conditions are right, so it doesn't hurt to have both if you're an avid surfer!

Get #1 rated surf lessons in Charleston today, for beginners or even surfers new to the area!

If you'd like professional lessons and guidance to getting the most out of surfing Folly Beach, contact Carolina Salt Surf Lessons today. We'll help you get started in our little piece of paradise at the Edge of America!

Long road from Folly Beach Surfing to top pro tours, but South Carolina surfer offers hope

Excerpt from Post and Courier: Long road from surfing Folly Beach to top pro tours, but South Carolina surfer offers hope.

From Surfing Folly Beach SC to the Pro Surfing Circuit

“I lived in Hawaii, I lived in California three times, I’ve been to France. You name it, I’ve done it,” Busey said. “I’ve paid my own way, I’ve slept under bridges, I pawned surfboards to buy plane tickets. I got the results, I got the exposure in videos and magazines. But from an industry perspective, no one wants to invest in a tall, quiet kid from Folly Beach. They just don’t want to do it.”

Pursuing Pro Surfing

The travel is not for the meek. Busey, who now owns Carolina Salt Surf Lessons, estimated it costs $50,000 a year to pursue the dream of surfing on one of the world’s top tours. The series on which Cam Richards surfs competes from South Africa to Australia to Chile to Portugal. By the time he was in high school, Richards had already been to Indonesia, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and Hawaii, therefore, exposing him to much larger waves than those off the Palmetto State coast.

“There are some guys who are sponsored, but not at a high level,” added Ed Budolf, an area surfer, board-builder, and real estate agent. “Nobody’s giving you any money to (travel). Coming up with all the money is hard for a young guy. Obviously, he has to surf all the time. It’s hard to have a full-time job and surf all the time and travel. It’s expensive.”

That puts much of the financial onus on parents or the surfers themselves. “The industry is not putting the money back into advancing these young kids. It’s more up to the parents,” said local surfer Marshall DePass, director of the Eastern Surfing Association district that covers the Lowcountry. “… Kyle (Busey) is a perfect example of having to scratch and claw to do it himself.”

What you can count on when you book with Carolina Salt Surf Lessons is a highly regarded pro surfer from Folly Beach, SC showing you the ropes and teaching you all the tricks about surfing Folly Beach.

Busey, Tanner take top honors at South Carolina Governor’s Cup of Surfing on Folly Beach

Kyle Busey makes the news for surfing in Charleston SC

By David Caraviello Special to The Post and Courier

Kyle Busey and Kristin Tanner earned top honors by winning their respective open categories at the South Carolina Governor’s Cup of Surfing, which concluded Sunday at the Washout on Folly Beach.

Kyle Busey's 4th State Championship in Surfing Charleston SC

It was the fourth state championship for Busey, a Charleston native who threw in a few aerial maneuvers to claim a finals field comprised of some of the state’s most decorated surfers. It was the second title for Tanner, also a Charleston native, who used two days of solid surfing to better her third-place result last year.

Waves on Saturday’s opening day were 4 feet and higher, making for ideal conditions. Swells dropped to 2 to 3 feet Sunday. “It was a little smaller (Sunday), but we still had clean conditions,” said Marshall DePass, director of the ESA’s Southern South Carolina District, which covers the Lowcountry. “And the surfing was still off the charts.”

Read the full article at Post and Courier.

2018 Governor’s Cup of Surfing

The Washout, Folly Beach

RESULTS (All finalists listed)

Menehune U14 Longboard: 1. Mako Musilunas; 2. Jackson Bloess; 3. Siddiq Nawabi; 4. Anthony Jackson; 5. Cole Dilling; 6. Porter Balderson

Jr. Women U18 Longboard: 1. Bree Labiak; 2. Kayella Youngblood; 3. Bailey Kaiser; 4. Cailyn Hager; 5. Hampden Thomas; 6. Chloe Simons

Jr. Men U18 Longboard: 1. Jasper Millis; 2. Jack Spahr; 3. Avery Fun; 4. Griffin Jackson; 5. Ronan Lurkin

Women’s Longboard: 1. Olivia Dilling; 2. Kristin Tanner

Men’s Longboard: 1. Cory Jackson; 2. Hartley DePass

Masters Longboard: 1. Todd Youngblood; 2. Jimmy Kaiser; 3. Phil Jackson; 4. Mik Musilunas

Legends Longboard: 1. Kai Dilling; 2. Paul Martin; 3. Lucky Moyer; 4. Marshall DePass; 5. Andy Avant; 6. Bryan Spahr; 7. Charlie Stonecypher

Grand Legends Longboard: 1. Wilton Jordan; 2. Norman Godley; 3. Thornton White

Boys U12 Shortboard: 1. Palladin Pelliccia; 2. Mako Musilunas; 3. Cole Dilling; 4. Jasper Fun

5. Charlie Abraham; 6. Drew Balderson

Girls U12 Shortboard: 1. Libby-Kate Hammel

Girls U14 Shortboard: 1. Krista-Grace Hammel; 2. Ella Bethard

Boys U14 Shortboard: 1. Palladin Pelliccia; 2. Mako Musilunas; 3. Jackson Bloess; 4. Porter Balderson

5. Jasper Fun; 6. Peyton Shaw

GirlsU16 Shortboard: 1. Krista-Grace Hammel; 2. Bree Labiak; 3. Ashton Loring; 4. Chloe Simons

Boys U16 Shortboard: 1. Ben Allen; 2. Jackson Bloess; 3. Cam Davis; 4. Griffin Jackson; 5. Wyatt Deaton; 6. Brycen DePass

Jr. Women U18 Shortboard: 1. Hampden Thomas; 2. Bree Labiak; 3. Natalie Scarpa; 4. Kelsey Hansen; 5. Ashton Loring; 6. Cailyn Hager

Jr. Men U18 Shortboard: 1. Jasper Millis; 2. Harrison Billhorn; 3. Jack Spahr; 4. Ben Allen; 5. Brycen DePass; 6. Jake Stradling

Women’s Shortboard: 1. Vivian Jordan

Ladies Shortboard: 1. Kristin Tanner; 2. Olivia Dilling; 3. Rhi Scarpa

Men’s Shortboard : 1. Cory Jackson; 2. Bryant Thomas; 3. Hartley DePass; 4. Ellison Thomas; 5. William Wert; 6. Kimble Youngblood; 7. Benjamin DuPree

Masters Shortboard: 1. Chris Costa; 2. Kyle Busey; 3. Caleb Costa; 4. Phil Jackson

Sr. Men Shortboard: 1. Todd Youngblood; 2. Jimmy Kaiser; 3. Randy Lackey; 4. Jeff Wasselchalk; 5. Mik Musilunas

Legends Shortboard: 1. Kai Dilling; 2. Paul Martin; 3. Charlie Stonecypher; 4. Marshall DePass

5. Bryan Spahr; 6. Andy Avant; 7. Lucky Moyer

Grand Legends Shortboard: 1. Wilton Jordan; 2. Thornton White; 3. Norman Godley; 4. Milton Costa

Open Bodyboard: 1. Charlie Stonecypher; 2. Mako Musilunas; 3. Kimble Youngblood; 4. Jose Hill; 5. Griffin Jackson; 6. Brycen DePass

SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard): 1. Hartley DePass; 2. Morgan Hurley; 3. Bryan Spahr

Wahine Open: 1. Kristin Tanner; 2. Kayella Youngblood; 3. Chloe Simons; 4. Natalie Scarpa; 5. Hampden Thomas; 6. Krista-Grace Hammel

Men’s Open: 1. Kyle Busey; 2. Chris Costa; 3. Anthony Osment; 4. Todd Youngblood; 5. Hartley DePass; 6. Kai Dilling

Tips to Surf in Charleston SC Like a Pro

Want to surf Folly Beach SC like a pro?

Are you ready to start surfing? Perhaps you have some experience, but want to surf more like a professional. Our owner, Kyle Busey, is a world renowned pro surfer who has surfed some of the planet’s most awesome waves. There are a good number of tips you can use to help you get the best surf experience. Here are a few to get you started.

First, Pick the Right Wave
There is nothing more important to your success. For a beginner, any wave looks good enough. However, your goal is to learn how a wave breaks. Watch this – from the highest sections of the wave. Look at the wave line, which is the area where the wave appears along the horizon. When the line becomes level, the wave is closing out. Learn how to spot the best waves to surf.

Work to Improve Your Skill
The next step is to really learn how to fine tune the position you hold at the peak. For example, once you learn where the wave is going to break, the next step is to consider your take off time and the speed of the wave. Making these fast decisions can be hard to do, but this is where things start to click.

Other Tips to Keep You Going
You also want to keep your center of gravity as low as possible by bending your knees. This can help you to have more stability. And, work to adjust your feet as you ride the wave. You want to be able to move back and forth to adjust the surfboard.

The key to success surfing is to keep practicing. But, don’t just ride a wave. Learn how to read the waves, monitor their movement, and then take advantage of this knowledge, so you get the longest ride on the best waves every single time you head out there. Experience is knowledge and surfing Folly Beach SC like a pro is all about getting out there and making a great effort!

Contact Kyle today to schedule your surf lessons on Folly Beach SC.

A Guide to Surfing in Charleston, SC


There is something magical about surfing Folly Beach SC in Charleston, whether you’re on the Washout, 10th Street or the Folly Beach Pier area.

The area, which is known as one of the top locations on the East Coast and in South Carolina for surfing, offers long waves that stretch out along the coast. The warm water, sandy beaches, and the vibrant number of attractions on Folly Beach and around Charleston allow you to make the best of the area.

Surfing Hazards at Folly Beach, SC

When it comes to surfing here, there are some hazards to know. First, sharks are present year-round. Just remember that you are in their territory and that they are present. Jellyfish are present in the area, too, especially around August. Hurricanes can be another threat to worry about, but check the local weather forecast before heading out or visiting Charleston.

When to Surf
You can surf most times of the year here. However, perhaps the best time to do so is in the fall. Temperatures range from the 60s to the 80s, and water temps are good. Summer can be hot and difficult to surf in simply because of the heat and the crowds. The water tends to climb into the 70s or higher here, but you can really surf most of the year as Charleston winters aren’t too harsh.

Visit Charleston for some of the East Coast’s Best Surfing at Folly Beach SC

When the time comes to pick where to surf, Charleston has much to offer – clean beaches, low pollution levels, and overall good access to amenities and features. You may notice the area does not have the biggest of waves and you are not going to see surfing conditions all of the time. However, the area does have great surf – a long stretch of beach break, which gives you some outstanding spots to get out there on a wave to catch your biggest surf experience. For year-round surfing, head to Charleston SC!

Planning on surfing Charleston SC? Here’s what you need to know!

Planning on Surfing Charleston SC?

Here’s a Guide to Surfing Folly Beach and some other great beaches in Charleston SC

Folly is known widely as the surfing destination of South Carolina. From Myrtle Beach to Savannah GA, you won’t find a better beach for surfing than in Charleston, SC at Folly Beach.

If you're just getting into surfing, or you’re visiting the Charleston area and have room to bring your board, we can help with surf lessons, surfboard rentals or to guide you in the right direction. We know it can be a little intimidating paddling out into a crowd at the Washout during peak summer season in Charleston, but if you're on the less-experienced side of the surfing spectrum, turn to Carolina Salt Surf Lessons, Charleston’s #1 rated surfing company.

Tip: Read the Surf Report for Folly Beach

Read the Folly Beach surf report before going out so you know what to expect. If you are taking surf lessons with us, we will advise you of the weather. Two great surf report resources are Surfline and Magic Seaweed.

Surfboard Options

Folly can be choppy and can be mediocre…but when it’s good, it’s really good. If you're looking to invest in buying a surfboard we offer surfboards for sale in Charleston. If you want to rent a surfboard, Carolina Salt Surf Lessons will rent you a board and deliver it to your house or vacation rental.

Where’s the Best Surfing Charleston SC has to offer?

The Washout (AKA “Hollywood”)
The best surfing on Folly is in the area known as “The Washout”. Experienced Charleston surfers claim this is where you can experience the best waves on the South Carolina Coast and they are right! Experts claim that the wind rolling across the beach, through the wetlands and then to the Folly River causes the best waves for surfing in South Carolina.

County Park
Folly Beach County Park Area has strong currents near Folly River inlet which makes it seldom surfed. No surfing allowed in the swimming area. Can have surf on large SE swell. Use Caution.

Outside cloud break off Condos. On a good day in Charleston SC, this popular surf spot, Clouds, is known to produce a huge swell, making it one of the more popular surf destinations at Folly Beach.

Folly Pier
NE side of pier cleaner on SE wind days. South side of Pier has long outside break. Good at low tide, East swell, NE wind. No surfing within 200 feet of the Pier for safety reason.

6th Street East, Folly Beach, SC
Fair to good waves on Folly Beach

10th Street East, Folly Beach, SC
Popular spot but does not break as big as The Washout on NE swells. Can hold a nice south swell.

Whatever destination you choose for surfing Folly Beach, let Carolina Salt Surf Lessons help make your session memorable. We can make sure it’s the surfing experience of a lifetime.